Hand Therapy

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Almost every job or activity requires the use of your hands and arms. Any loss of function in that area due to injury or medical condition can have a devastating impact on a person’s day-to-day life. When an injury or issue with the hands, wrist, elbow or shoulder occurs, that’s where Certified Hand Therapists (CHT) and hand therapy play an important role in the physical therapy process.

Becoming a CHT requires over 4,000 hours of direct practice in hand therapy and more than five years of clinical experience as well as being recertified every five years to keep up to date on new hand therapy practices! As a result of the difficult process to become a CHT, there are only 5,676 CHTs worldwide! FSPT’s Hema Hargus, PT, CHT, is the only Certified Hand Therapist in the area. Hema has over 25 years of experience and can create custom made hand splints for patients.

Hand Therapy Services:

  1. Deformities: Progressive Deformities such as Boutonniere, Swan Neck
  2. Trauma: Lateral Epicondylitis, Carpal Tunnel, Trigger Finger, DeQuervain's Disease
  3. Peripheral: Neuropathies, Injuries, Surgical Repairs, Tendon Transfers
  4. Arthritis: Degenerative and Rheumatoid, Arthroplasties
  5. Injuries: Thermal Injuries, Electrical Injuries, Reconstruction
  6. Sports: Sports Injuries
  7. Amputations: Prosthetic Training
  8. Splints: Fabrication and Fitting
  9. Dislocations: Dislocations, Vascular Injuries
  10. Tendons: Injuries, Repairs, Reconstruction,Deformity, or Mallet Finger

Hand Therapy is available at the following locations:

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