Virtual Golf

golf club about to hit golf ball off of tee

Regardless of the weather outside, you can always get on the links at our Cambridge clinic with a state-of-the-art Full Swing golf simulator.

The simulator features a 12 foot screen that allows you to swing real golf clubs and hit a real golf ball as if you were really othe course. A set of infrared sensors track the ball’s flight and trajectory and instantly displays your shot on the screen, just as it would have flown had you been out on the course.

On top of being able to play 18 holes at 15 different championship golf courses from all over the world, the Full Swing golf system offers an entire suite of swing analysis tools to help improve your game. Cameras analyze your swing and break down everything from club head speed to the angle of your backswing. The Swing Guru system will show you where your swing is breaking down so that you can correct the problems and improve your game!

For pricing and hours, please call 740-432-0130.

Virtual Golf is available at the following locations:

golf clubs and golf ball laying on green patient using virtual golf machine golf ball on tee
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